Comparison of pressure and density based CFD solvers for high-temperature free jets


Selection and implementation of a suitable geometry for simulating free jets having Mach numbers ~ 0.3. Selection of suitable pressure and density based solvers for comparison. Creation of a suitable test matrix and simulation of the free jets according to the matrix. Evaluation of the differences in the pressure and density based results. Investigation of the applicability range of pressure based solvers for free jets. The parameter variation shall include temperatures between 1000 and 3000 K as well as pressures up to 10 bar. The flow within the tuyeres of blast furnaces is close to Ma number 0.3. Starting at Ma numbers of 0.3 the usage of more unstable density based solvers is necessary. Since the flow in the tuyere may locally exceeds Ma numbers of 0.3, the influence on the solver formulation shall be investigated for free jets near Mach numbers of around 0.3. This investigation shall include a low and high temperature conditions as well as ambient and elevated pressure conditions. If necessary the critical conditions of pressure based solvers shall be re-evaluated.



  • CFD-exercise 166.050 completed in OpenFOAM

  • Matlab and C/C++ skills beneficial

  • English mandatory


possible as of now