• Custom Linux-Cluster:
    AMD64 X2 CPUs 3,2GHz, 16GB RAM
    10 TB Storage (+ off-site mirror)
    Gigabit Ethernet
    USV for all critical components (switches, login-nodes, media converters, storage systems)
    Job management via SGE queueing system


  • Access to

  • x86_64 Cluster with 240 Intel Xeon X5550, 3GB RAM per core
  • x86_64 Cluster with 96 Intel Xeon X5670, 4GB RAM per core
  • VSC 1/2 (Vienna Scientific Cluster)

  • CFD Software:
  • Gambit, Fluent, CFX, OpenFOAM, ...

  • Measurement equipment:

    Different hot wire anemometers
    Laser Doppler Velocimeter (LDV)
    2D LDV / PDA with traverse
    Access to a PIV System
    Different infrared thermometers from -50 - 1700°C
    Infrared camera (-50 - 1700°C)
    TGA / DSC System (Vacuum, gas mixtures, GC/MS-coupling)
    Drop-calorimter up to 1550 °C

  • Nozzle test stand



    Cyclone test stand