Radiation Models for multiphase flows




  • Documentation of available radiation models
  • Development/Implementation of an adapted simulation model for moderately turbulent reactive flows


  • Comparison of different radiation models
  • Validated radiation model for multiphase flows


CFD simulations can help to understand industrial processes better or to design processes. Often there are high temperatures in production processes, for example in the production of iron. Therefore, also radiation has to be taken into account in the simulations. Additionally, mostly more than one phase is important, i.e. often gas solid and liquid phase. For each phase an appropriate radiation model has to be chosen.

Within a diploma thesis possible radiation models for the gas and the solid phase should be found. Those radiation models should be used in OpenFOAM.

The chosen / most promising radiation models have to be validated with simple cases to ensure their applicability for later simulations.


  • CFD-exercise completed with OpenFOAM (f.ex.: 166.050)
  • Matlab/Python and C/C++ skills beneficial
  • English or German possible


Possible as from now

DI Eva-Maria Wartha
Ass. Prof. DI Dr. Michael Harasek

Financial award for excellent work possible.