CFD-Models adapted for moderately turbulent reactive flows



  • Documentation of available models for moderately turbulent reactive flows
  • Development/Implementation of an adapted simulation model for moderately turbulent reactive flows


  • Validated model for the simulation of moderately turbulent flames
  • Adapted model for moderately and fully turbulent flames in OpenFOAM


The simulation of reactive flows is still in the focus of research and is still gaining interests, since increasing computational resources enable even the simulation with complex kinetical mechanisms. Another research aspect is the reduction of emissions, which could be enabled through moderately turbulent combustion regimes.

One model for the simulation of turbulent reactive flows is the Eddy Dissipation Concept. The EDC is widely used for the simulation of highly turbulent flames and gives good results for those cases. Regarding the prediction of only moderately turbulent flows, the EDC has some drawbacks and does not give as good results.

Therefore, many studies have been published presenting adaptations of the EDC to fit moderately turbulent flames. Those adaptations should be analysed and the most promising be implemented in OpenFOAM. The model shall then be validated by comparing the simulation data to experimental flame data.


  • CFD-exercise completed with OpenFOAM (f.ex.: 166.050)
  • Matlab/Python and C/C++ skills beneficial
  • English or German possible


Possible as from now

DI Eva-Maria Wartha
Ass. Prof. DI Dr. Michael Harasek

Financial award for excellent work possible.