Experimental and numerical investigation of free jets in crossflow



  • Performing/evaluating mixing experiments in a cold model using tracer gas and Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV)
  • Optional: Documentation of state of the art methods for the CFD simulation of free jets and high speed flows
  • Optional: CFD simulation and validation of performed experiments


  • Influence of geometry parameter on the flow
  • Validation of CFD simulations including different approaches for modelling bricks


To reduce the energy consumption of industrial tunnel kilns in brick industry, the amount of injected fresh air through burners can be lowered. Using special pure gas burners the otherwise necessary heating of great amounts of fresh air to kiln temperature can be avoided. This leads to a reduction of consumed energy of the tunnel kiln of 15 % - 25 %. on the other hand the pure gas burner has to provide the momentum to mix the kiln atmosphere, to guarantee a homogeneous baking of the bricks.
Goal of the present work is to validate the mixing characteristic of a burner prototype using tracer gas and Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV). Furthermore performed CFD simulations should be validated using the measured data.


  • CFD-exercise beneficial (f.ex.: 166.050)
  • Matlab/Python and C/C++ skills beneficial
  • English or German possible


As from now

Financial award for excellent work possible

DI Mario Pichler - 01 / 58801 166 277
Ass. Prof. DI Dr. Michael Harasek